Be Aware, Let Go and Let God


It has been a very interesting 12 days since Bethany and I  (Peter) decided to create this websitePL2 and carry out something each of us  either felt very worthy to do, or/and is something we knew we needed to do and God’s will is all in sharing his word through the believers at, Be Bold Let Go and Let God, as in typical worldly fashion, whenever a Christian is bringing light into the darkness of this world, Evil see’s it coming, The great deceiver, The Distracter, The destroyer of lives that are not in the know or even believe he exists and why he exists! Or their savior and strength and comforter who from the beginning has taught and is teaching his about God’s covenant, His Word, His Promises.

Reading his word and thawing out the frozen spirit of his word and letting it melt away the cares of this world as constructed within his word are benchmarks us Christians reach as we become involved with our heart Mind and Spirit with his teachings and become empowered to withstand the daily hourly and minute by minute attacks using the word and living as God has designed his children live.

I encourage each and every brother and sister in Christ to only do their very best in sharing the word and use this site and display a message of the word each of us holds dear and display like a billboard on the back of your car or truck where hundreds daily can see and apply into their Heart Mind and Spirit,

God inspired messages, can only find their target, as his word never returns void!

When you decide to, Be Bold, and share the message on your heart<>Be reminded, to pray as you will be attacked as Bethany and I were and are because this site and its effort are too much for Satan to allow without a fight, you will receive a Christian’s reward from this world, but as we are promised , Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path, and we are promised that We are troubled on every side, yet not distressed; we are perplexed, but not in despair; we pray and receive blessings that even we do not see but protect us as we acknowledge him daily in our close relationship with him,

You do not go to church that much, but Stand in your faith, Share a message of that faith you are so blessed with, share it for the world to see, Let Go and Let God

Praise God/ Your Loving Staff


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    Leave a testimony of God in your life here =

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    November 4, 2015    

    Hey very nice blog!

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